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For further information on Pakefield Singer’s concerts and other events in Suffolk, please visit:

Fellow choirs and groups

Beccles Choral


St Felix Choral


Choir listing sites
An American site listing choral groups from around the world.

British Choirs on the
A British site listing some 2000 choirs & choral groups within the UK.
A British site listing choral groups within the UK, with concert details, etc.

Concert e-advertising




Rehearsal Track Sites
A British site offering a wide range of rehearsal CDs and tapes for separate voice parts, for sale or hire.
A British site with a long list of rehearsal CDs – also offers to create CDs to order.

A British site offering rehearsal CDs.
An Italian site with a considerable list of downloadable tracks. There is no charge, but donations are appreciated.

Saffron Choral
British website with an extensive catalogue. Reasonable prices for practice CDs. Voice parts by Quintus Benziger.

Royal Free Music
British website with an extensive catalogue. Free download of Midi tracks. Donation requested to charity.
Although the name seems to imply that the site may only be for basses, it holds an extensive repertoire for all voice parts. The music is not downloadable but there are purchasable rehearsal CDs.